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Hot Tub Conditioner

Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Conditioner is a single use sachet treatment, containing a blend of compounds which enhance the quality & feel of the water and prevent biofilm formation in spa pipework. Hot Tub Conditioner also contains lavender oil for an enhanced bathing experience. For best results, use weekly.

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Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Conditioner Key Features/Characteristics Liquid Aqua Sachet Prevents biofilm formation in spa pipework Enhances quality and feel of spa water Hot Tub Conditioner contains a blend of compounds to enhance the quality and feel of water, reduce chemical consumption and prevent biofilm formation in pipework. Application Instructions

1. Maintain sanitiser and pH levels within the desired operating ranges.

2. On opening the sachet via the “scissors cut area”, pour the whole sachet of Hot Tub Conditioner directly into the hot tub water.

3. For optimal results, Dose weekly: one 120ml sachet per 1,500 litres of spa water. Note: Shake well before use.


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Hot Tub Conditioner

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