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Useful Information

Here at Montrose Hot Tubs, we value our customers health and wellbeing whether that’s through correct usage of chemicals or the amazing things that hot water and hydrotherapy jets can do for the body and the mind.

Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

Improved sleep

How a hot tub helps improve sleep, being warm and comfortable sets the body to warm body temperature that just right for you enabling to fall asleep faster and sleep through the night with less disruptions.

 Stress and anxiety

Hot water and soothing hydrotherapy jets; several studies show that these two hot tub aspects as well as the weightless feeling of being in the water reduces stress both physically and mentally relieving anxiety.

  • Reducing headaches and migraines
  • Chronic pains and arthritis
  • Diabetics

If you do experience or have an underlying condition, please consult with a medical professional before using a hot tub.

Electrical Requirements

You need a qualified electrician for this, with sockets that add 10% more power to cope with any surges. So, a 13A spa should have 15A power socket. We recommend all power points are at least 2m from the hot tub and any splashing. 

13A Plug & Play  

A standard outdoor 3-pin UK socket which is roughly 2m from the hot tub, which will come with a 2m cable and plug. This can be extended to 5m if you’re having the tub installed by us.  


An outside socket with a rotary isolation switch and 6mm 3-core SWA cable with 6m of tail wire connected to the switch, ready for us to hook up to the hot tub.  

Why Montrose Hot Tubs?

Personalised Service

Customer care and attention to detail – we recognise that not all customers are the same and we strive to meet your requirements or help with any questions regarding our tubs/installation.

Aftersales and Servicing

Not only are our tubs hot, but you can also expect a warm feeling right from your initial enquiry through to aftersales and servicing.  We want you to enjoy your hot tub for many years.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Quality products delivered and maintained by fully trained personnel with valuable industry experience.  You are in safe hands with Montrose Hot Tubs!